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What Turns
Into Access?

A Touch of Cyan

Healthcare has changed.

Today, a brand’s potential depends on its access potential. Which means your market access team has to make the most of every opportunity. And that’s what Cyan Health is all about.

Cyan optimizes every aspect, phase, and function of the payer engagement process – integrating market research and strategic consulting with comprehensive agency services. And we address the kinds of challenges you’re facing – every single day.

Want to optimize your access picture? Add a little Cyan.

Access 360

Our integrated service model bridges the gap from insights to action, empowering our clients to understand – and engage – targeted decision-makers.

Strategic Planning
  • Managed markets landscape assessments
  • Competitive scenario planning
  • Pricing and contracting strategies
  • Value story development
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Launch planning
  • Advisory boards and customer research
Customer Engagement
  • Unbranded payer education
  • Brand value messaging
  • Pull-through tools
  • Patient support program implementation
  • Account engagement tools and resources
  • Digital payer communications
Training & Empowerment
  • Launch planning and readiness
  • Co-promote management
  • Organizational alignment
  • Managed markets skill building
  • Dashboards and measurement
  • Customer model planning
  • Best practice sharing
Cyan Health Painted Keyhole


Peek inside...

Cyan is powered by a diversely experienced team of professionals representing a broad range of disciplines and expertise. We come to the table with deep knowledge of the evolving market access landscape – informed by our extensive experience across a spectrum of disease states and customer channels. Our world-class, in-house team is augmented by a pool of channel-specific experts.

Let our inside perspectives open doors for your brand.

Cyan Health Painted Keyhole

Tested And

Our clients range from global pharmaceutical giants to small, innovative, VC-funded biotech companies. They include long-standing partnerships, others that have evolved organically, and still others that began with a phone call. In every case, we are honored by the confidence that these companies place in Cyan Health. And meeting their highest expectations is our highest priority.

Our clients rely on us to maximize their brands’ access potential. And so can you.

Your Primary

We are a true ally to our clients, alongside them in the trenches, seeing challenges through their eyes. We make their jobs easier. We empower them to make decisions with confidence. And we help them meet the demands of internal stakeholders.

Cyan also optimizes collaboration with other agency partners – ensuring that strategies and initiatives are fully integrated across workstreams.

Primary partner. Primary color. Cyan.

The Color of Access

As one of three true primary colors, cyan is prolific, creative, and versatile because it can create a broad range of secondary colors and hues. In today’s healthcare environment, robust market access powers brand success the way cyan powers the color wheel. And our clients rely on Cyan Health to power market access in much the same way.

So, if you say you want to turn your brand’s potential into market access, we say… add a touch of cyan!

Amber On CYAN

(A message from Amber Gilbert, our managing director)

With so much riding on market access, clients must demand the highest level of performance from their market access agencies. To ensure that we meet this uncompromising standard in every dimension of our services and deliverables, we continually invest in the professional development of our team. As a result, we will always be smarter and better-informed tomorrow – even more attuned to the evolving market access landscape – than we were yesterday.

We also believe strongly in the value of collaboration. We know that true partnership is the key to success. (A truth that is reaffirmed for us relationship after relationship, day after day.) With that in mind, we make a point of understanding each client’s concerns, priorities, styles, and preferred methods of collaboration. It’s no wonder that our clients regard us as true partners who have their best interests in mind. We are. And we do. — Amber Gilbert

The Space

(Wow – just spotted another access opportunity…
clear as a shooting star.)

Cyan monitors the access universe constantly for new developments, innovative approaches, emerging trends and customer types – and the opportunities that these present. We use this intelligence to keep our clients – and ourselves – on the category’s cutting edge.

We also serve up related insights in our blog in the hope that they will become part of your universe.

Cyan Mat

Welcoming New Talent

Cyan Health has been growing continuously since we opened our doors in 2014. Our ongoing success is a testament, in large part, to the great hires we’ve made along the way.

Are you ready to join our march to the future? Applications for the following positions are open. Email us for more info at:


This bucket is full of access potential, partnership potential, and career potential. Just picture what it can do for you!