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The collective experience of our world-class leadership team spans a spectrum of access channels, market scenarios, disciplines, products and categories. Our credentials are your assurance of authoritative expertise.

Cyan Portrait
Amber Gilbert

Amber Gilbert

Managing Director

The architect.

Amber Gilbert is the consummate marketing professional: she listens, she investigates, she collaborates, and she delivers.

For more than 15 years, she has shared her deep managed markets experience with leading biopharmaceutical companies, addressing a host of challenges across a spectrum of disease categories. She has expertly developed successful pricing, access, and reimbursement strategies and programs and supported product launches for several major specialty and chronic conditions. Amber held various roles at Ogilvy CommonHealth, including Chief Strategy Officer for the payer marketing division, and spent many years as a market access management consultant with InVentiv Health and Strategyx, LLC.

Amber is the leader and the engineer of the fast-growing Cyan team. She has artfully selected a group of go-getters, like herself, who share her vision, her work ethic, and a desire to do good for their clients, their fellow Cyan team members, and for the community. She equally inspires and encourages her team to work outside their comfort zone and has fostered an environment that supports continued learning.

Amber infuses the entire organization with her extensive payer-related content expertise so that we, as an agency, are a true strategic partner, delivering best-in-class solutions informed by cutting edge intelligence.

Jamie Van Iderstine

Jamie Van Iderstine

Senior Vice President, Client Engagement

The relationship builder.

Jamie is an accomplished market access professional with a deep and nuanced understanding of the highly complex and rapidly evolving market access landscape. In prior Account Manager and Project Manager roles, Jamie has led agency teams in developing strategies and tactics to support many payer launches involving market access disciplines such as value messaging, pricing/contracting, and HEOR. With experience navigating all points in the product life cycle and addressing a wide range of market scenarios, Jamie specializes in connecting the dots of opportunity required to maximize access potential for pharmaceutical brands. Her tenacious work ethic—and ability to optimize teams and resources—have helped ensure positive access outcomes for in-line and launch brands across multiple therapeutic classes.

As senior strategist and account lead at Cyan Health, Jamie develops comprehensive and high-impact market access strategies for a spectrum of biopharma clients, large and small, across many categories. In addition to leading teams in developing payer marketing strategy and integrated tactical programs, Jamie has built robust experience leading strategic initiatives–including payer and specialty pharmacy contracting strategies in multiple categories, an innovative competitive assessment program coupled with a series of highly methodical workshops (which Jamie also moderated), competitive defense strategies, and others. Jamie led the strategic development of numerous payer-focused advertising campaigns, including one that was an MM&M Award finalist in the “Use of Payer Marketing” category in 2018 and another that won Silver in the “Use of Market Access Marketing” category in 2020.

Josh Phillips

Joshua Phillips


The ambassador.

The payer pundit. The client services savant!

Joshua (Josh) Phillips has crammed a substantial amount of experience in diverse healthcare practices into his 15-year career. In addition to leading roles in both prominent and niche healthcare marketing agencies, he has a rich background as a compliance analyst with an integrated delivery network and an operational consultant for a managed care organization. Josh’s background spans a wide spectrum of managed markets and reimbursement engagements, from pre-launch to launch to lifecycle management, in both primary care and specialty therapeutics.

As an inhabitant of multiple planets in the healthcare universe, Josh brings a unique and valuable perspective of healthcare business dynamics to his role as EVP of client services, to Cyan clients, and to his coworkers as well. He supports Cyan clients in every aspect of product or portfolio development, including customer insight gathering and segmentation, brand positioning and messaging, resource development and deployment, and account management training. His leadership of the array of payer-focused initiatives drives market awareness and, more critically, market share.

Rick Kelly

Rick Kelly, RPH

VICE PRESIDENT, Market Access Insights

The pharmacist.

Rick’s passion is finding creative solutions to the challenges that occur when science and business collide – which is why Rick has spent the last 18 years of his career in payer and product marketing.

Prior to joining Cyan, Rick spent seven years as a payer expert at Natrel Communications and Ogilvy CommonHealth Payer Marketing, developing marketing solutions for multiple pharmaceutical companies.

Rick’s business background includes a variety of positions at King Pharmaceuticals and Roche Pharmaceuticals in sales (serving regional managed care and employer accounts), brand marketing, and Health Economics Research.

With a degree — and clinical experience — in pharmacy, Rick has the background to quickly master any disease category and clearly communicate scientific messages to payers.

Cyan is happy to stand with Rick at the junction of science and business, where all informed payer strategies take shape.

Cheri Roseborough

Cheri Roseborough

Vice President, Operations

The motivator.

Cheri Roseborough has spent the last 10+ years immersed in the pharmaceutical industry. She has been a valuable player on multiple marketing and sales teams, holding a variety of roles. Cheri has focused on learning the ins and outs of the industry, including the acceptable marketing norms, which have been critical in helping her teams not only stay within the lines when creating deliverables, but also saving time and preserving budgets.

In her role at Cyan, Cheri is the brains behind the operational side of the business, creating policies and procedures and solving strategic issues that arise—with an inherent talent for ensuring that decisions benefit both the client and the company. Cheri manages the Operations Team, including the Project Managers, and has been instrumental in multiple product launches and agency work across multiple brand audiences. There is no “I can’t” or “I don’t know how” with Cheri; her approach is “Yes, you can” and “Let’s figure it out together.” She has implemented a professional development program within Cyan that encourages employees to learn and grow and ensures that Cyan clients receive top-notch results from a motivated and well-developed team.