The Pricing Revolution

With so many government entities
challenging the current pricing structure,
change may be inevitable.

This white paper describes current challenges to drug pricing and
their potential implications. Included are recently implemented and
currently proposed policies, bills, and executive orders that, together,
represent nothing short of a PRICING REVOLUTION.

Brace yourself for the future.

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  • Generic/biosimilar substitution rate use
  • New specialty tier
  • Real-time Benefit Tool


  • Value-based contracting allowed

Executive Orders

  • Rebates for Medicare no longer allowed
  • Drug importation allowed
  • International price reference use

Federal Legislation

  • Price increase controls
  • Negotiation for Medicare
  • Lowering of Medicare Part D OOP
  • Changes to Medicare Part D cost sharing
  • Drug wastage payments
  • Increase of Medicaid rebate

State Legislation

  • Volume Purchasing – 6 states
  • Affordability Review – 4 states
  • Price Gouging – 4 states
  • OOP Changes – 4 states