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Thanks to Guidance from the FDA, FDAMA Spells Opportunity

Enlightened Pharma Companies Are Capitalizing on New Clarity from the FDA Regarding the Sharing of Information with Payers In the 1990’s, as healthcare costs spiraled out of control, the healthcare industry was inundated with cost-effectiveness analysis studies. While payers were hungry for this type of healthcare economic information (HCEI), regulations strictly limited what pharmaceutical companies could share.

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Value-based contracts — big talk, big deal, or real deal?

Pharmaceutical companies guaranteeing results and paying for failures? Payers paying more if a cancer patient has a shorter lifespan on a specific drug? Pharma guaranteeing the control of cholesterol? A few years ago, these seemed as unlikely as a biosimilar version of a blockbuster biologic. Now value-based contracting (VBC) seems to be the hottest topic in payer-pharmaceutical company relationships.l?

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